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We deal in all Greige / Dyed / Fibre Dyed mélange yarn suitable for Circular & Sweater knitting and weaving applications in all the below said blends.
Cotton from BCI, Organic, Fair trade and its blends in regular & slub. Indigo yarns, Linen yarns, Viscose yarns; Polyester yarns; Tencel yarns; Modal yarns; Acrylic yarns, Cotton/Poly; Cotton/Viscose; Poly/Viscose; Cotton/Modal; Modal/Cashmere; Modal/Angoora; Modal/Silk; Modal/Linen; Modal/Wool; Viscose/Nylon; Cotton /Cashmere; Cotton/Angoora; Cotton/Silk; Cotton/Linen; Cotton/Wool; Cotton/Nylon; Cotton/Silk/Cashmere; Viscose/Cashmere; Viscose/Angoora; Viscose/Silk; Viscose/Linen; Viscose/Wool etc